universe diversified cryptocurrency


Infinity is an assets backed cryptocurrency usable as a fiat.


Infinity gives you the ability to :

  • have money  which increases in value in comparison with national currencies

  • store your money safely 

  • provide instant & unlimited access to your money 

  • use your money everywhere with a smartphone, a watch...

  • recover the full use of your money (no banks, no intermediaries controlling)

  • not worry about inflation

  • earn money

Infinity is also a global, independent and secured payment system with a stable digital currency.


The Infinity Exchange with the cryptocurrency Infinity Hedge (INFH) anchored to the USD with a ratio 1:1 will help you:

  • convert Fiat into crypto (and vice versa) easily

  • move currency between exchanges and wallets

  • pay at any point of sale with a debit card, anywhere in the world, in real time.


infinity advantages 

Just by looking at international payments, you see that banking systems are pretty obsolete and that you will appreciate the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


Infinity is secured by the power of the Blockchain, an incorruptible public ledger containing all confirmed transactions.


Privacy and anonymity that cryptocurrency networks offer allow a user to keep their identities as well as their transactions concealed.


Infinity is always available. You have access to your money 24/7/365. No need for any approval or justification to use your money.


Infinity will be accessible to all and from anywhere. Each of us will be able to purchase Infinities & use them around the world.


You can travel anywhere in the world with your Infinity's, restriction free.


Infinity are easy to store. You only need a hardware wallet,

a computer, a smart phone ...


No banks are needed.

 You are the only decision maker  when it comes to your money ...



9 000 billion Infinity

 will be produced and introduced in a timely manner.


infinity innovations 

Cryptocurrencies are good, but Infinity Crypto-"money" is better !

You have all the benefits cryptocurrencies provide and more: security in transactions and storage of your money in addition to an active and controlled exchange market with healthy growth and development.

The global exchanger will:


  • facilitates the conversions in fiat

  • helps going in and out the trading market

  • give depth to the market 

  • guaranty the instant payments

  • strengthen the money

  • stabilize the money

  • bring liquidity to the market

  • make money exchangeable by giving access to the financial market

Infinity money is represented by tangible assets (real estate, precious metals, land, farm, shares) giving it intrinsic value.


These assets are managed by Infinity Software to increase Capital, and so increasing the value of Infinity Money.


Infinity has a double value: "trust" value and intrinsic value, benefitting its holders & users.

The Infinity hardware wallets are a major innovation in the validation of blocks in the blockchain. Faster, safer transactions in any currency.

Infinity money can not be influenced by any private, national or political interests, ensuring our ability to protect the development and the integrity of the Infinity money and its users.

The smart contract is a digital contract that allows the execution of a contract automatically.

It is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. These transactions are trackable and irreversible.


vision & roadmap 

Our mission is :

  • to make Infinities accessible to all

  • to multiply Infinity through :

    • the expansion of applications 

    • the number of users by simplifying and improving the process of managing crypto-money

  • to increase the confidence in Infinity by giving its owners and users a real value and security, while making a relatively low investment commitment.



To create the best environment for Infinity and its users, we opted for a Non- Profit Organization.


The Infinity Foundation works like a holding:

  • is a non-profit Foundation

  • does not have shareholders

  • owns Infinity Software Ltd and Infinity Management Ltd

  • watches over and protects the moral values of Infinity

  • makes sure all decisions made are

    • the best for the Infinity (not for one specific person or group of persons)


The Infinity Software company is in charge of :

  • the technological development (softwares, hardware wallet, applications...)

  • the expansion of the uses 

  • the security


The Infinity Management company :

  • manages the assets to increase the intrinsic value of each Infinity in the market


The Infinity vision is to make the right decisions according to

  • the environment

  • the current world economic & politic landscape

  • the legal framework


infinity organization


Owned by the Foundation this commercial company has as goal to increase the intrinsic value of Infinity. In this objective, it will invest, buy, manage and store various kind of assets and generate incomes. The guarantee is the price under which the Foundation would buy back Infinity.

  • quantity of assets
  • incomes
  • infinity intrinsic value

Real Estate 



Precious metals



Owned by the Foundation this commercial company is in charge of all the technological development. 

Blockchains, App., wallets, website, security, technologic tools to develop the cryptos and a research department. This company is in charge of the Infinity pre-sale.

  • number of users
  • amount of infinity in circulation
  • places accepting infinity payments



Hardware Wallet



Commercial company with a Payment License.

Its goal is to create & develop a deep strong exchange Market for the Infinity.

Create a link between the Fiat & Infinity to facilitate conversions, trading, buyings with the creation of the  Infinity Dollar crypto backed to USD .

  • number of transactions
  • amount of infinity traded
  • market liquidity


Smart contracts

Infinity Dollar


The Infinity Foundation owns Infinity Software Ltd & Infinity Management.

Also owns all the Infinity in reserve.  

The Foundation is in charge of the introduction of the coins.

Its goal is the increase the value of the Infinity in circulation 

store value
world vision
intrinsic value


april 2019
march 2019
infinity blockchain
smart contracts
first sale
  • 2000 on sale $0.001/Inf

  • 50% of collected money will be used for assets (2021)

web login access

Automatic processing:

  • datas

  • payments

  • sales

  • KYC

  • payment system creation

  • online wallet

smart contracts second sale

  • purchase of more assets

  • payment solution

  • research center

july 2019
1st presale
fixed rates
2nd presale
fixed rates
on the market


  • Blockchain

  • Administrative

from$ 0.0002 to $0.001 / Inf


  • exchange

  • Web App.

  • Website 

  • Licence 

$0.01 / Inf

Infinity Exchange

  • buy/sell

  • trading

  • conversion in Infinity-Dollar and USD

  • purchase of assets


infinity clients

To pay, to send, to receive, to invest ... everybody needs Infinity

infinity for all 


Every individual have the possibility :

  • to pre-reserve Infinity in the pre-sale market & sale market

  • to download the Infinity Wallet 

  • to buy Infinity 

  • to send Infinity

  • to receive Infinity

  • to pay with Infinity

  • to change in IUSD

First investors get the best performance !

international companies

Every company have

the possibility :

  • to pre-reserve Infinity in the pre-sale market & buy Infinity in the sale market

  • to download the Infinity Wallet

  • to receive payments in Infinity

  • to set your wallet to receive payments complete in Infinity or in another currency, or a part in Infinity and sold in another currency
  • Wallets will be connected to the Infinity Exchange


Every broker will have:

  • an exchange platform connected to the Infinity Exchange by an API connexion to ensure a massive volume of exchanges with a low transactions cost

  • the capacity to have the real time exchange cotations 

  • the order tracking, volumes and historicals




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