Based on the idea that money should be a store of value, & maintain our purchasing power for a long time. Infinity Software  designed the association of a digital currency with intrinsic value, usable more easily than fiat worldwide, a stable cryptocurrency and smart tools to connect payments systems and people.

Infinity is the most complete Crypto Solution that will satisfied individuals, traders and people who own business.

Take back the control of your money Buy, Pay, Send, Receive, Trade, convert in a click with your Infinity App !

Be confident in your money with Infinity Assets Backed Crypto ! Invest in Infinity stress free with the Call Option Smart Contract !



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The Infinity project has been thought and created to:
Offer a solution to fiat currencies' issues like inflation, outdated banking system politically dependent; slow, complicated and expensive international payments; government seizures, abusive power of the Banks that took the control over your money.
Improve early cryptocurrencies challenges with scalability, energy consuming for mining, difficulty to get into the crypto world, difficulties to get in and out of a crypto trade and lack of liquidity in most crypto markets.
To achieve this ideal, Infinity Software created a pair of crypto (Infinity Hedge  EDGE a stable coin and Infinity INFI an assets backed crypto) and a series of tools to use them easily in your everyday life.

Infinity assets backed crypto
Infintiy Trust crypto

Infinity Hedge Stable coin EDGE

This stable coin will convert cash into digital currency and vice versa, and anchor it to the US dollar.

Infinity Finance Group & Infinity Software are developing Infinity Hedge (EDGE) a stable coin.
For each 1 EDGE that are not owned by INFINITY FINANCE GROUP, INFINITY FINANCE GROUP will give the change for 1 USD. 
Having a pair INF/EDGE will give more liquidity in the Infinity Market, especially with the sell of Smart Contracts that will give trading tools for traders like the possibility to give margin, to do Call & Put Options.
It also becomes much easier for traders to get in and out of their crypto trades.

Infinity Assets Backed Crypto INFI

A cryptocurrency that not only simplify people's life but also protects them from economic crisis

With Infinity assets backed crypto, own a money with value that increases, store it securely, have instant and unlimited access to it, use it everywhere, recover complete control of your money (no banks, no intermediaries, no seizure), inflation-proof--the more you keep it the higher your buying power increases!

Infinity Trust Crypto basket INFT

Infinity Trust will be representing the digital assets part of the intrinsic value of Infinity (INFI) on the Exchange market.

The Infinity Trust is represented in the crypto market by a « basket» of cryptocurrencies that can evolve with time. 
At the beginning, 1 INFT will be represented by 100% of INFI. 
Infinity Finance Group will be selling Infinity (INFI) in the market to buy crypto-assets (other crypto) and diversify the basket. 
As an example, the distribution in a medium term of the  basket could be the following : 15 % Bitcoin, 15% Ethereum, 10% EOS, 15% Tron, 10% Stellar, 15% XRP, 10% BNB, 10% Infinity Hedge.

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We think that crypto is such a wonderful invention to simplify your life that we want you to be able to use it everyday as you use your smartphone. To do so, Infinity has created some useful tools whether you are an individual, a trader or a company.

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  • To increase the access to cryptocurrency through Smart Contracts to a majority.

  • To increase the number of Infinity Users and the number of Infinity Traders via Smart Tools.

  • To establish user-confidence in Infinity through Real Assets and security.

  • To make Infinity trustworthy through Infinity Foundation which will retain the reserves of currency assets.

  • To decrease risk with the Call Options Smart Contracts

  • To bring or offer more banking services via Infinity Solutions

  • To offer more flexibility and ease for traders with the InfinityHedge EDGE and Infinity Exchange.

  • To make cryptocurrency liquid and easily accessible.

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Who can buy Inifnity INFI

Anyone older than 18 can buy Infinity. The purchase is limited to $9,900 / person.
Parents have the possibility to buy for their children. if they do so, they will be asked to provide a proof of relationship.

How can I buy Infinity (INFI)

First, you need to download the Infinity Wallet. Then, you have 2 options to purchase Infinity (INFI):

  • Buy directly (INFI) in the exchange

  • Buy a Smart Contract Call Option

When will I get mu Infnity (INFI)

I you purchase INFI directly, you will receive them on your INFI wallet address as soon as paid.

If you bought a Smart contract, you will get them either at the end of the contract or as soon as you decide to buy them. Get more info in the section Smart Contract Call Options.

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