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Today, we hear in the news a least once a day about the Blockchain technology and how it is transforming our lives. Here is very few words a Blockchain is a technology that allows information to be stored and transmitted in a transparent, secure and non-centralized way. It looks like a large database that contains the history of all the exchanges between its users since its creation. The blockchain can be used in three ways: for the transfer of assets (currency, securities, shares, etc.), for better traceability of assets and products and for automatic execution of contracts (smart contracts). This technology offers infinite development.


The Infinity Blockchain will allow you to keep your private identity whether for your account or for the transactions you make.


Infinity will be always available. You'll have access to your Infinities 24/7/356. 

No need any approval or justification to use your money. You are the only decision maker.


Infinity will be accessible to all and from everywhere. Each of us will be able to purchase Infinities, travel & use them around the world.


As Infinity is a cryptocurrency you just need to bring with you your hardware wallet for always more security. With Infinity, you can travel around the world without any amount restriction.


Your Infinity are easy to store. You just need a hardware wallet, a computer, a smart phone... No big space needed.


You do not need a bank, you are the only decision maker regarding your money. The banks can not seize it in case of a crisis as it happened in Cyprus in 2013.

Infinity advantages



There are 9,000 Billion Infinity. Each Infinity introduced into circulation must be insured according to the money supply in circulation.

For the Infinity,  we consider that there are two monetary masses: the global money supply and the money supply in circulation. The global money supply (9,000 Billions) is the money supply in circulation plus the money supply retained by the foundation. 

To achieve an expansion of Infinity, one takes into account the intrinsic value objective and the value of the assets held by the foundation, as well as the state of world economy.

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