universe diversified cryptocurrency

infinity for individuals 



Each individual will have the opportunity to :


During the Phase 1 (from $ 0.0001 / Infinity to $0.0002/Infinity)

  • to reserve Infinities during the pre-sale (fix price)

During phase 2 (from $ 0.0002 / Infinity and $ 0.025 / Infinity)

  • download the smartphone app: Infinity Wallet for free as soon as it is released

  • buy Infinities on the fixed rate market

  • resell his Infinities or a part (from phase 2,

  • send Infinites

  • receive Infinites

  • convert Infinities 

  • pay in Infinity for online purchases or at a local store even if the store does not yet accept Infinities. Your Infinities will then be converted into your national currency at the Clearing House. 

During phase 3 (> $ 0.0025 / Infinity)

  • buy Infinities variable rates

  • download the smartphone application: Infinity Wallet for free

  • sell your Infinities 

  • send Infinities

  • receive Infinities

  • exchange Infinities

  • pay in Infinities for online purchases or at a local store, even if the store does not yet accept Infinity. Convert your Infinity  into Infinity dollar and Fiat.

2 possibilities of payment :

Infinity Wallet App in your Smartphone

Infinity Hardware Wallet

Instant payment through the Clearing House

Each person will have the opportunity to put some Infinities into the clearing house. This money will be used for instant purchases. It will be like a wallet containing cash.

With the Infinity Wallet App you will be able to pay directly with your smartphone.

And the advantage is that there is no risk if someone steals your phone or if you loose it because your Infinities are not physically stocked in your phone. So your money is not lost, you will just have to download again the Infinity App.

Payment with the Blockchain

The transaction is realized directly between 2 Infinity Wallets with an internet connexion. The completed transaction can take 10-15min.

People can pay with a pad, a computer, a smartphone,a watch or any digital that support the Infinity Wallet Ap.

Easy payment with QR code or NFC if you choose to have an Infinity Card.

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