Infinity Finance Group & Infinity Software are developing Infinity Hedge (EDGE) a stable coin. This stable coin will convert cash into digital currency and vice versa, and anchor it to the US dollar.
For each EDGE in circulation, INFINITY FINANCE GROUP will give the change for 1 USD.
Having a pair INF/EDGE will give more liquidity in the Infinity Market, especially with the sell of Smart Contracts that will give trading tools for traders like the possibility to give margin, to do Call & Put Options.
It also becomes much easier for traders to get in and out of their crypto trades.

Infinity assets backed crypto INFI


Currency is not a money.

Money is a store of value and maintains purchasing power for a long time.

Currency is a medium of exchange used by a particular country. It is simply paper and has no intrinsic value.

The Dollar or the Euro for example, are currencies (Fiat moneys). They are not backed by any physical asset.

Infinity is a money, represented by an amount of tangible assets (shares, real estate, precious metal, technology) that gives it an intrinsic value.

The Intrinsic value represents the true value of a property, an asset or a business. This intrinsic value is determined according to objective evaluations.

The intrinsic value of Infinity is given by the assets collected to back the money.

For each Infinity (INF) sold, 90% will be attributed to purchase non-digital & digital assets. The 10% left will consecrated to the crypto development.

The assets will be owned by the Infinity Foundation.


The assets will be  secured assets (store of value) like physical precious metal (gold, silver), real estate, agriculture, technology,...


The digital part of the Intrinsic value of the Infinity (INFI) will be managed by Infinity Finance Group via Infinity Trust.



Infinity Finance Group is in charge of the diversification of the crypto assets in the Infinity Trust.

Infinity Trust will be representing the digital assets part of the intrinsic value of Infinity (INFI) on the Exchange market.

Infinity Trust is managed like a fund to increase the intrinsic value of Infinity. It will develop algorithms based on Elliott waves to increase the intrinsic value of Infinity INFI. 

Infinity Trust takes advantage of the crypto-market to bring the Intrinsic value at a higher value by dint of Algorithms trading.

Infinity Trust follow the introduction of Infinity to expend the Intrinsic value at 0,5 USD per Infinity for 100 billions INFI in circulation.


The basket of assets owned by the INFT will be evaluated in real time. Thereby the intrinsic value of Infinity in crypto assets can be verified by everyone. 

The Infinity Trust is represented in the crypto market by a « basket» of cryptocurrencies that can evolve with time. At the beginning, 1 INFT will be represented by 100% of INFI. 

Infinity Finance Group will be selling Infinity (INFI) in the market to buy crypto-assets (other crypto) and diversify the basket. 

The distribution in a medium term of the  basket could be the following

15 % BTC, 15% ETH, 10% EOS, 15% TRX, 10% XLM, 15% XRP, 10% BNB, 10% EDGE.