A commercial company has shareholders who own shares of that company. Shareholders who invest in a Company take a risk. If we had opted for a company, some of the money raised by the sale of Infinity would have been used to pay shareholder dividends instead of being invested in the development or the purchase of assets.

This means that the short-term vision (10-20 years) of the commercial enterprise would be guided by choices of shareholder profitability at the expense of choice for Infinity owners and users.

The vision for Infinity is a long term vision. 100 years may seem far away in everyday concerns, but it is not in terms of currency and economic cycle. Infinity crypto has been created to be kept and used over a long period of time like a real money as Dollar used to be.

The foundation has no shareholder, do not distribute any dividends. It has only one objective to accomplish which is defined in its statues.

THE INFINITY FOUNDATION is the owner of almost all the cryptocurrency Infinity (INFI).

The Foundation is responsible of the reserves of Infinity INFI and the representative of its intrinsic value.

THE INFINITY FOUNDATION will give its intrinsic value to Infinity. It should be a growing store of value for Infinity.

The majority of the money raised by the sale of Infinity INFI will be invested in assets, in various sectors such as real estate, precious metals, land, agriculture, technology, digital goods, art, and in the Infinity Trust (digital assets). 

THE INFINITY FOUNDATION helps to retain and focus all the Infinity's intrinsic value in assets that are not distributable to Infinity holders.

THE INFINITY FOUNDATION retains full ownership of the Infinity's assets but does not retain any rights over the Infinity itself. 

infinity foundation