The Intrinsic value represents the true value of a property, an asset or a business. This intrinsic value is determined according to objective evaluations.

The intrinsic value of Infinity is given by the assets collected to back the money.

For each Infinity (INF) sold, 90% will be attributed to purchase non-digital & digital assets. The 10% left will devoted to the crypto development.

  • Non-Digital assets will be  secured assets (store of value) like physical precious metal (gold, silver), real estate, agriculture, technology,...

The assets will be owned by the Infinity Foundation.

  • The digital part of the Intrinsic value of the Infinity (INFI) will be managed via Infinity Trust.

If the value of Infinity INFI in the market is lower than its intrinsic value, an intervention will be made in the market, by buying Infinity (INFI) and by increasing the quantity of Infinity (INFI) in the InfinityTrust (INFT).

The quantity of Infinity INFI bought or sold on the market is known at all times.

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