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Long-Term VS Short-Term Investors

Updated: Feb 18

Looter's Strategy: Get airdrop and when the coin is on market sell the coins.

The looter strategy drops the price at the start of the market.

The question is how can we take advantage of it?

And there is a minimum quantity of Infinity to buy for this strategy to be optimal for call options!


For those who don't know yet what's Call Option! Click Here

Infinity Call Option Market

First of all, what is the call option market?

The market is 45,000 accounts received this opportunity (airdrop call option)

The first step of the strategy for the investors

1. Let the looters come to the market

2. As investors you need to know which quantity you need to make the call option strategy a success and try to pay them less price is possible on a market for this quantity

Looters create an opportunity for investors at the start of trading when the market is illiquid!

Which quantity of INFI do I need to secure the best return on Call Option?

Go to your wallet and open the call option

We're interested in Strike and Expiration

The Strike gives you the price in USD where you can buy the Call Option until the expiration.

My strike is 0.05 USD

Expiration 19/05/2023

Example: The market price goes to 0.20 USD per INFI before the expiration

This is very interesting because the market value of this call is

10,000 INFI * 0.20 = 2,000 USD

But the value of the call is 500 EDGE (USD)

10,000 INFI*0.05 = 500 USD

In this exemple the profit is 1,500 USD

How to increase this profit with the looter's strategy?

In this OrderBook the price for 10,000 INFI is 0.0000019 ETH per INFI

on the 11th Feb 2022 = 0.0059 USD

10,000*0.0059 = 59 $

The strategy is to buy 10,000 INFI

Then resell it at the price above 0.05 USD per INFI

In the example above at 0.20 USD per INFI

How many INFI I should sell to pay the call option?

Total Value in EDGE / 0.20

500 / 0.20 = 2,500 INFI


-I will convert 2,500 INFI in EDGE

-I execute my Call Option

-I receive 10,000 INFI

The summary:

-I bought 10,000 INFI in 11th FEB for 59 USD

-I sold 2,500 INFI

- (10,000 INFI - 2,500 INFI) + (10,000 INFI form the call option) = 17,500 INFI

-Total profit is 17,500 INFI * 0.20 = 3,500 USD

If we compare in the first case we spend 500$ for 1500$ Profit
In the second case, we spend 59$ for 3,500 USD Profit

Check the best price

How to adjust the price on Folgory? Click Here

Look at the number of sellers going up

And the Price going Down

Then buy your 10,000 INFI at the best price.

Warning: The market is illiquid that's means the price can go up very fast.

The example here shows with only

1 ETH the price of INFI can take +100%

Let's go trade! Let's go traders

The others strategies include Call Option.

Notice: The example is a simulation to give you a basis for reasoning to allow you to create your own analyzes.

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