• Infinity M.

Important News

We announce the end of the Infinity software services.

We will not be able to list on the new exchange

The websites will be disconnected on May 5, 2022.

The finances of the company do not allow us to continue the services:

-EDGE USDT and USDT EDGE conversion

-Call Option: data send to wallet, sell, buy, execute

-The explorer's EDGE and INFI

-Wallet update

-Infinity documentation

-Infinity solutions

-Infinitypay will not be developed

The INFI blockchain will still continue working,

The Foundation, Infinity software, and Infinity Finance group will meet this week to vote for dissolution or close the companies.

The foundation, Infinity Finance group, Infinity Software, and Infinity Trust will destroy their coins too.

1billion INFI will be sent to the wallet Infinity Team developers.GPAjnK9GmqkSDphkncFfQPJTLRT2HeCzwX

Thank you to all the Infinite Developers teams who spent so many nights and weekends developing Call Options, Wallet, Explorers, Blockchain...

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