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Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Infinity is now offering the first-ever Option Coin Offering.

Infinity Crypto now offers the very first option coin offering that will increase the capabilities of global micro-payments, micro-donations, and international transfers using efficient and energy-efficient technology. Infinity is able to perform a large number of transactions per second for low fee per transaction.

The combined characteristics of making numerous transactions and being low on energy.

Offers a significant advantage with a price of less than $ 0.0001 per transaction, plus the money is immediately available halfway around the world.

Option Coin Offering (OCO) is Infinity Crypto’s own version of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). An initial coin offering (ICO) refers to the process of selling new cryptocurrencies to secure initial development funds for blockchain developers. While it is possible to make huge profits through ICOs, the risks involved are quite high. ICOs are vulnerable to misrepresentation, fraud, and manipulation. The current hype surrounding cryptos and ICOs is what blinds investors to these risks. Because of these risks, the chances of investors losing their entire investment is extremely high.

Infinity Crypto aims to lower the risks involved when investing in these new blockchain projects. That is why we have developed our own version of ICO which is OCO. In an ICO, you are buying the crypto assets upfront and therefore risking 100% of your investment. While in an OCO, you’re buying a smart contract call option. You’re only paying a small fee called the premium to buy a Call Option. This means that the risk involved is only limited to the premium. Without limiting the potential gain.

What is Call Option?

A Call Option is a financial contract that gives the buyer the right but not the obligation to buy an asset, at a specified price within the time period of the contract. The buyer of the option can exercise the option at any time prior to the expiration date specified in the contract.

The expiration date can vary from three months to two years.

In a Call Option, you are not buying the crypto assets upfront. Instead, the crypto assets that you intend to buy through smart contract call option will be reserved and set aside for you to buy later on at the specified price listed in the smart contract. That means Call Option will give you the opportunity to wait for the market value of the crypto asset to rise before buying it at the specified price in the smart contract. This will guarantee you unlimited profit but limits your losses to only the premium fee used to buy the Call Option.

You can read more about Call Option through the link below.

Link: Understanding Call Options and How It Works

Link: Strategies Call Option

Infinity Crypto’s Presale is Now Live!!!

Who can join?

The presale is open to the public. Therefore, anyone can participate through Option Coin Offering.

Once we have raised enough funds Infinity will be listed on the top 25th exchange. The OCO will no longer be available at this price of 0.01 $ / INFI.

Thank you!

How to participate in the OCO.

  1. Download the Infinity Wallet app through any of the links below.

  2. Install the app and generate your wallet address. Make sure to save your paraphrase somewhere safe and secure.

  3. Sign up at infinitysolutions.io.

  4. Add your wallet address to the website.

  5. Load USDT into your wallet and convert it to Hedge. Buy Call Option using Hedge.

You can click the links below for detailed instructions on how to buy Call Option & Hedge.

Link: How to Buy Call Option?

Link: How to Buy Infinity Hedge ($EDGE)?

Why take the risks when you can play it safe with Infinity OCO.

Risk Limited, Gains Unlimited!

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