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Reservation 49,500,000 Infinities

Take your chance to be one of the few people to own 49 million 500,000 Infinities

 for $9,900  that is $0.0002/Infinity.


The offer is limited to $9,900 per person  but you can buy for your direct children or wife/husband. (See sales conditions)





Reservation 49,500,000 Infinities

  • It is a reservation. You will get the access to your Infinity Wallet app and your Infinities during the first semester 2019.

  • The reservations are nominatives and limited to one reservation of $9,900 / person with the possibility to make a reservation for your wife/husband and children.

    We will ask you your ID and the ID of the people you ordered for with a family proof.

    If it turns out that the person for whom you have booked is neither your husband/wife or your child, we will refund your purchase, less a $ 50 transaction fee per person.

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